Solar Stash photo solarstash_zpsc2468a68.png The Solar Stash is a portable solar panel specifically designed to power mobile devices via USB. Charge your phone or headlamp, run your speakers or power your GPS using only the energy from our closest star.

It comes equipped with a useful little tool called The Practical Meter (Patent Pending). It is designed to solve the issue of not knowing your power. Currently, there are no portable solar panels that tell the user the amount of power being produced. Users are then left guessing about how to appropriately position their panel. The Practical Meter is easy to use and understand, providing a visual representation of the power you’re drawing at any given moment. Each light indicates roughly one watt of power—taking advantage of a simple, universal icon associated with mobile phone reception.

While the Solar Stash is excellent for mobile solar charger for backpacking, camping, and being generally prepared, it’s also ideal for use in the developing world where access to energy is desperately needed. The Solar Stash is not yet in production, as their Indiegogo project was unsuccessful but hopefully they find a way to pull off the funding as it’s an excellent project.

The Solar Stash