im here gps This little device could be extremely useful and it’s technology is very simple – it accesses the global GSM mobile network to transmit its position upon demand or at regular intervals, and displays the location on Google Maps.

There are a lot of GPS trackers around these days, but I particularly like this one – although I’ll have to wait until May of this year to get my hands on one. It’s small and has a very minimal design. By using pre-set intervals it becomes useful for any kind of outdoor adventure – hiking, camping, to let family know where you are – or just to track and analyze the path you took.

It can also be used as a safety device for children – it’s non-allergenic and water-resistant – perfect for around the wrist. It can be accessed and controlled through i’m Cloud, in the desktop and mobile version. It has a built in rechargeable battery and can be charged via USB and will last about 48 – 72 hours standby time. Tracking time isn’t specified so I’ll test it out in May. Check it out here – i’m Here GPS Tracker

im Here gps