HarvestGeek photo HarvestGeek is a bold project that wants to make gardens and urban farms more open – that is open-source. It’s a great way to help new farmers find more success with crop yield and streamline the efforts of more experienced farmers.

Once the HarvestGeek system is deployed in your farm or garden, it will monitor the key environmental conditions. This information is relayed back wirelessly from one of the stations where you are provided detailed analysis of air temperature, humidity, lighting, soil moisture and pH levels. You can also configure the AutomationStation to control equipment. Turn on fans should temperatures get too high, or replace traditional timers for controlling lights and pumps.

You can then upload images to the web platform to chart your progress, make notes on successes or difficulties you’ve encountered, ask questions, get feedback, research other grow styles, and share your results with the community. Coupled with the analytical data data collected from your grow, you should have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to producing high quality crops.

You will also be able to build your own devices and add them to the existing HarvestGeek network and the software on the devices will all be open-source. HarvestGeek API and HarvestBot schematics will be offered after they are finalized.

Head over to their KickStarter page as they are in reach of their $25k goal – HarvestGeek – Kickstarter or take a look at their video below.