Hydra photo hydra_zpsa14d1698.png The Hydra is designed to make it easy to get the power you need for your next electronics project. It’s a triple-output power converter, each with completely software configurable voltage to power your system.

It can handle voltage in of anywhere between 5V – 14V, and output to a range of 3V and 12V. Each of the three outputs are individually configurable via USB, Bluetooth (and a smartphone app) or serial connection. The Hydra provides all the benefits of a bench-top supply while being small and flexible. You can control the Hydra using your computer, an Arduino or other microcontroller, or even your smart phone (if it supports Bluetooth 4.0).

You can visit the KickStarter for a full set of features. Some of them include – reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, automatic thermal shutdown, and user-adjustable output current limits. And when combined with the included PC software, the Hydra can function as a battery charger for lithium, NiMH, NiCD, and lead-acid batteries.

I believe them when they say that this might be the last power supply or battery charger you will ever need to own. Hydra – Kickstarter Page

Hydra Power Converter