APOC Radiation Detector The project creators wanted to come up with a low-cost, easy way to measure the amount of radiation from everyday objects, and also inspire more people to be excited about hardware and radiation.

This lead the team to make the hardware and the software both open source for the APOC Basic. You will be able to view the energy levels of each gamma particle by plugging into your computer through an audio cable or Bluetooth (advanced model).

The team has already reached their goal but they’ve added a stretch goal of $30,000 to build an app that would allow users to easily stream data from the APOC to your smartphone – which would be pretty cool.

The $50 pledge level will get you a kit so you can build it yourself. If you want it assembled for you, you’ll need to donate a minimum of $80.

Check out the APOC(alypse!) Radiation Detector project page. They estimate the shipping time to be around mid-June.