Tesla Coil You can now study the properties of a traditional Tesla coil, without the cost and complication in doing so as TeslaTronix have made wireless electricity simple, easily accessible, and cheap.

This Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded and the project creators are in the process of filling the orders of their original backers. Once this process is complete they will begin taking orders off their website for both the unassembled kit or the completed product.

The unassembled kit, more than anything, would be such a great educational tool. Not only to learn about Nikola Tesla and the coil itself, but it will engage you in physics, math, electrical and general science.

In the very first video on the Kickstarter page (below), the project creator demonstrates the coil by holding up six lightbulbs up in his hands and as he draws near to the coil they light up. They are drawing their power from the coil – as they have no other power source. The Teslatronix Tesla coils, which are loosly based off a slayer exciter circuit variant, require no capacitors, no spark gaps, and no AC power source to function.

Check out the Teslatronix Kickstarter page for more info.