SpareOne Phone Unexpected emergencies can happen anytime, which is why this bare-bones emergency phone should part of your emergency kit. It runs off a single AA battery that will last 15 years if unused.

Once you pull the tab you’ll get 10 hours of talk time. So while the it’s mainly marketed toward emergency situations, it can also be beneficial on a camping or backpacking expedition – 10 hours is plenty of emergency connectivity from one battery.

It’s waterproof bag floats and is submersible and will work in extreme weather ranging from -22F to 140F, and its additional torchlight can provide up to 24 hours of continuous light.

You will be able to contact emergency services without a SIM, or you can insert your SIM card from your existing phone if it’s dead, to continue sending and receiving calls from your original phone number.

If you are a world traveler, be aware that the SpareOne comes in two different GSM Frequencies. You can pick up the Traveler pack which contains both.

SpareOne’s SAR (specific absorption rate) which measures the amount of radiation absorbed, is 0.37 W/kg, which is much lower than max level allowed by the FCC making it one of the lowest emitters of radiation in the industry.

SpareOne was also nominated for the 2013 Edison Awards, in the Lifestyle and Social Impact category and was also selected as a CES 2013 – best of innovations winner.

Visit the SpareOne Emergency Phone site.

SpareOne Phone photo