ROVE Bluetooth Gadget If you like outdoor adventure you may like this cool little device. Share your trail maps along with all of your stats – distance traveled, average speed and elevation across social media and it puts multiple geocaches right on your GPS.

Using Bluetooth, ROVE connects to your smartphone and connects to your GPS through a mini-USB connection. It transmits your trail maps to and will pull down multiple local geocaches from Your geolocation data will be analyzed and maps created automatically.

It basically combines the location technology of a GPS with the Internet connectivity of a smartphone. Made from anodized aluminum, the case is durable, shockproof, freezeproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

Live tracking is not part of the current design, but you can plug in the ROVE as many times as you want over the course of your trek, and the maps will be updated each time.

The ROVE would benefit hikers, kayakers, climbers cyclists, divers, skiers, guides – pretty much any type of outdoor adventurer.

Check out the Indiegogo Project Page.