Baker Stove It’s essentially a lightweight laptop sleeve that will protect you by nearly eliminating harmful EMF radiation and heat exposure, and also provides a workstation with a built-in mouse pad.

If are worried at all about the health risks from the radiation your laptop emits you may want to check out this new campaign.

Various types of radiation, such as electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation can affect our health. EMF exposure comes from a variety of sources, but levels decrease greatly with distance. The concern with laptops is that you are in fact very close to them for long periods of time.

The team behind the SafeSleeve have developed a lead free, military grade shield that will block a wide range of EMF frequencies.

The design also allows more airflow to your laptop, than if it were sitting on your lap, allowing it to stay cooler. The SafeSleeve will come in to sizes either 13″ or 15″.

Check out the SafeSleeve Indiegogo Project page. Or check out the project video below.