Valta Energy use Valta is a remote energy management system for your devices and will detect if a device is un-used, will show you any energy waste and will also notify you to remind you if a device is left on.

The Valta energy management system consists of 2 parts – the v-Hub and socket, and it’s software: iPhone app, web app and cloud servers. An Android version is also planned for a future release.

The system connects your electrical devices to your iPhone, iPad, or computer through the internet-connected v-Hub. By connecting the electrical device to valta socket, the socket will communicate with the v-Hub and upload and store your energy usage data to our cloud server. All data will then be displayed on your iPhone app or web app.

It monitors your energy usage in realtime, assiting in calculating your energy consumption and providing you with data about your energy usage – Total consumed, energy used and potential saving; usage by time and by date; 24-hour data logger. Historical data is stored in the cloud for you to access.

Valta can measure and identify standby power, and it can push automated messages to your smartphone whenever this happens, to allow you to proactively manage your energy usage and eliminate waste.

It also detects devices that have been left on but are not being used. Once detected, you will receive a notification, which will allow you to turn off the un-used device anywhere.

The scheduling options offers customization. Check out the Kickstarter project page.