Oceanmaster Tool If you work in or around water the Oceanmaster has been designed specially for nautical use and offers an extremely sharp and enduring edge. The stainless steel is corrosion resistant and is safe to use in salt water conditions.

It features an all-stainless steel construction, and is ultra easy to use. Working on the water will leave you with cold and wet hands so operating smaller tools can become challenging, and the serrated sheepsfoot blade with a ring pull will help with this.

It’s made in made in Sheffield, England and also sports a locking marlin spike, can opener and locking slot shackle. It weighs in at 5oz so it’s lightweight and sits 2.4″ (closed), and 6″ (open).

As I write this the Oceanmaster knife tool is currently out of stock but you can add yourself to a list to be notified when it comes back in. Check it out at Best Made.

Oceanmaster Tool photo om-lg_zpsee9e9b7b.png