BioLite KettlePot This combination kettle and pot will allow you to pour hot liquids and cook a hot meal while you are out on the trail. It’s lightweight, made from ultra-thin stainless steel and durable and was designed with the BioLite stove system in mind.

The BioLite KettlePot Camping Kettle features a high-temperature BPA-free plastic kettle top as well as a silicone seal for secure and seamless fit. The top snaps on and along with the vertical handles make for easy pouring. It’s wind-blocking heat shield allows for faster boiling time in harsher weather.

The KettlePot also becomes an instant hard carrying case for your BioLite CampStove, saving precious space in your pack while protecting your stove.

The KettlePot itself weighs in at 465
 grams and it’s max capacity is 1.5L. Check out the BioLite KettlePot.

Biolite Kettle photo