Virtru Virtru is a new email plugin that will encrypt your message before it leaves your computer or smartphone and will give you the ability to revoke access at anytime.

You will also have the ability to restrict your message from being forwarded or track where your message has been forwarded to. It works with major services like Gmail, Yahoo, MacMail and Outlook.

The power of Virtru comes from strong encryption – encasing outgoing email with TDF wrappers, and allowing granular privacy controls. Virtru itself never has access to your content and your emails and attachments are encrypted right on your device and then sent directly to your intended recipient.

No one, except you and your intended recipient, has access to your content. Each email or file has its own unique key, which is stored in and protected by a keystore in the cloud – so it’s impossible for these messages to be read on Google’s Gmail servers by snooping parties, for example.

Virtru is also committed to open source, and wherever possible they will open source key elements of the technology. Check out the rest of the details on their site – Vitru