Virtru Two great multi tools to carry with you or to add to your bug out bag. This kickstarter campaign has already passed it’s goal but there’s still time to grab a set.

The team behind these tools has already completed the design and structure stage. The tools are meant for everyday tasks like like stripping wires and tightening screws but would also go nicely as part of a bug out bag.

The Mantis delivers over 10+ functions. To read a full description of each tool head over to the kickstarter project page, but here is a quick list:

The list of features includes flat screw driver sizes – 4mm and 8.5mm, a wire stripper with three varying angled corners (30°, 60°, 90°). A 2” Saw Blade/Scoring Blade with one row of smaller teeth as well as one with larger teeth. A bottle cap opener, a 2” scraper, a mini pry bar and nail puller as well as 8 hex wrenches sizes: 5/16”, 10mm, 13mm, 1/2”, 5mm, 1/4”, 6mm, and 7/16”

The Cricket is the mini companion to the Mantis, designed in a compact hexagonal shape, with overall dimensions of 1.75” by 2”.

Take a quick peek at the image below before heading over to pick up this handy multi tool.

Mantis and Cricket multi tool photo