Survival KnifeIf you are looking for an ultra light weight knife that will perform many heavy tasks like chopping and splitting wood, cutting underbrush, defending yourself, prying or digging the BK9 is your knife.

The one thing most survivalists generally want in a tool is that it will perform more than one function, and be lightweight enough to conserve energy while performing those much needed tasks – the BK9 is both.

The BK9’s blade is large – just over 9″ long and is 3/16″ thick, made out of 1095 CroVan carbon tool steel. It has a deep belly as well as the thin edge which allows for well controlled, precise slicing for such a large blade.

It’s design allows for a higher efficiency due to it’s light weight, only 17 ounces, and it’s ergonomic glass-fiber-filled nylon handle, is designed for added strength and durability. So when chopping you will feel the knife bite in deep with little effort.

You can also be sure that batoning or any other task around your camp will be met with ease. Essentially you can use it as a knife, machete or hatchet.

Due to its large blade and design the BK9 Becker Combat Bowie can serve not only as a weapon/combat blade, but also as a hunting, camping and overall survival knife.

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