OFF PocketThe OFF Pocket is a privacy accessory for mobile phones. It uses patented signal blocking technology to block wireless signals, instantly disconnecting your phone from all wireless networks.

The team behind the OFF pocket has tested countless designs and construction techniques to create the most effective shielding device that is easy to use. It is lightweight, and the exterior uses a high performance material that is unique and has water repellent properties, so it is durable and protective for your phone.

It has a unique cross design which serves three purposes. To secure your phone in place, to act as a restraint from removing the phone, and also act as visual indication that your phone is off.

The OFF Pocket can effectively shield 100dB of signal in the frequency range of 800MHz to 2.4GHz. This is a very high shielding capability. In comparison, several law-enforcement forensic bags only offer 80dB of shielding. It is, in case you were wondering, carrier, hardware, and OS agnostic.

Use it for privacy, for security, or simply to block all distractions. It blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular, iBeacon, text, and data connections and works in all countries.

The Kickstarter is long over but you can still watch the video below. You will need to sign up for product inventory announcements as it is currently sold out. You can do that here. Otherwise check out the Privacy Gift Shop.